Clustered Hosting

Cluster Web Hosting Benefits

Get better performance for your dollar by hosting your website on Royalty Networks' clustered hosting architecture! In a clustered environment, your website is hosted on multiple dedicated nodes to allow for faster response times and higher availability. Each service runs on a specifically tailored server which enhances overall security and allows for better performance by spreading the load of your website on multiple interconnected machines. The Master Control Panel Server acts as the brain of the operation, ensuring each node is up and running as well as assigning resources to the appropriate server within the cluster.

Our Backup Methodology

Royalty Networks takes a very serious stance when it comes to conserving valuable client data. All your files, emails and databases are automatically backed up on a daily basis through the internal Gigabit network and archived for 30 days on an offsite NAS. Proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, security audits and a super cautious approach helps ensure that no technical problems ever arise on our servers.