Royalty Networks owns and operates its equipment in a state-of-the-art datacenter located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The datacenter boasts the latest technology in terms of server hardware, networking equipment, power management, cooling and security.


Royalty Networks utilizes Intel-based servers built from high quality server-grade components specifically designed for 24 hour operation. Servers are equipped with hardware-based RAID 10 hot-swappable arrays which increase disk throughput while maintaining online availability in the event of a disk failure. To achieve an even higher degree of redundancy, each server is outfitted with dual redundant power supplies.


Internet connectivity within the facility is based on multiple pairs of Cisco routers and switches connected to multiple high-quality bandwidth providers which guarantees a network topology with no single point of failure. In the event of a hardware failure or network provider blackout, traffic will automatically be re-routed without any service interruption.

Power Management

Power regulation systems and UPS battery backups guarantee that servers remain online during a power outage by properly transferring power to on-site diesel generators able to maintain full operation of the datacenter.


Servers generate an immense amount of heat therefore proper cooling is a must in any datacenter. The facility is equipped with enterprise-grade air conditioning units ensuring ideal ambient temperatures and proper humidity control.


Biometric scanners, access cards and security cameras installed throughout the datacenter ensure that access is closely monitored and only authorized personnel are allowed within the facility