Windows or Linux: Which Hosting to Choose?

April 12th, 2010 @ 10:48 am

There is common problem which many businesses face when they are looking for their first web hosting provider. It is the difficult decision of choosing between Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Are you stuck in a similar dilemma? If yes, then you may be glad to know that help is at hand. If you read on you may save yourself a lot of time and energy in doing elaborate research to find out which is the better host to take your business online.

Both Linux and Windows have their own merits and demerits, when it comes to web hosting. Choosing the right web host may ultimately depend on the type of website you want to run and your specific online needs. Nevertheless, here are some factors which may help you make your decision:

1. Accessing the server: both Windows and Linux allow you access to the server, through FTP or file transfer protocol. This is the feature which allows you to transfer files from your hard drive to the web server.
Linux steals a march over Windows here, because it allows you the use of SSH or Telnet. This helps you directly open a session while you are on the web server and use UNIX commands to chop and change your files, as required. There are very few Windows hosting services which offer you this time saving feature.

2. Linux offers you, the use PHP, MySQL and standard HTML while Windows servers generally offer the use of ASP.NET hosting, MSSQL Hosting and FrontPage extensions.

3. Performance: Linux is generally known to perform better than Windows servers when you are trying to operate multiple processes simultaneously. The performance of Windows servers tends to decrease when burdened with many processes at a time. But at the same time, you must remember that Server performance depends to a large extent on the hardware being used and so, Windows can perform as well, if not better, provided the hardware specs are high-end.

4. Security: Windows products are generally not reputed for their security features and Linux is usually the safer option you have, given the current levels of cyber crime. But if your web hosting company, manages Windows server with regular updates and patches, it may be as safe a Linux server.

5. Ease of use: both hosts offer you graphical web-based tools to manage your day to day website activities the functions of these tools are not related to the type of operating system in use and so you can work with a Linux hosting control panel as efficiently as on Windows hosting.

So, quite clearly it’s a neck in neck race between these hosting platforms. So, it is safe to say that your choice may ultimately be governed by the best deal you get from a hosting company and your specific hosting requirements. With both Linux and Windows, rapidly improving their hosting platforms by R&D, whichever host you choose, good times are ahead for sure!

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