Secret Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service

April 13th, 2010 @ 11:12 am

You may be ready to take your business online, with your website waiting to go live. Now all you need is a hosting company which will provide you the spine for supporting your e-business endeavor. There are thousands of options and so, choosing the right one may be a really challenging task. However as you will find out soon, it is not difficult to get the best web host, if you are really thorough with the selection.

Whether you are looking for your first host or even perhaps in the process of finding a new host, you can make use of the following criteria for selection:

  • Which platform do you want to use? You have the choice to go for Windows hosting or Linux hosting, depending on the tech behind your website. There are several companies which offer both Linux and Windows hosting at competitive rates and you may take a look at their deals.
  • What are the features you are looking for? Once you have settled on a particular hosting platform, you need to decide the features you want from your web host. While the list of features on offer keeps growing everyday, you must consider key features such as disk space, bandwidth, backups, number of domains allowed, number and types of databases, email accounts and money back policies for downtime. This will help you trim your list of web hosts even further.
  • What is your budget? Needless to say, the host you choose must fit in your budget. But you should also calculate the total cost you have to incur over a longer period of time. This includes the opportunity cost of downtime and slow speeds. You should not be swayed by the lure of having to pay less upfront, because the hidden costs of bandwidth, set up and maintenance, can easily even it all up! A good web host should also allow you the freedom to switch between annual payment and monthly payment plans without any hassles.
  • Customer service: whether it is Linux hosting, Windows hosting or clustered hosting you opt for, there are bound to be glitches and tech issues, sooner or later. If you do not consider the quality of after sales services as a determinant, you may lose money later on. Settle for no less than 24×7 services all year round. It may not be bright scenario to find that your web host does not work on holidays after you have already sealed the deal. So beware! Go through user reviews of the web host you intend to select, to find out whether they actually deliver their promised level of customer service.
  • Reputation: you should know that most web hosts go out of business within a year! So, if you intend to select a host that has been there for less than a year, it may be an unwise gamble. The ones, who have stood firm in the face of stiff competition for several years, are probably better choices even if they charge you more.

So, select your web host keeping these factors in perspective and maybe you will make a good decision. There is really no, golden rule for web host selection and so, you are perhaps better off trying those hosts which offer clustered hosting, to lessen the operational risks just a bit.

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