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How Can Clustered Hosting Help You?

May 4th, 2010 @ 6:01 pm

Whether you use Windows hosting or Linux hosting for your website, downtime is surely one of your mains concerns. If it’s not, you should wake up and smell the coffee immediately! People should be able to visit your website throughout the day, all the week and all year round. So, any gap in this expected availability of your website, means loss for your online business. Moreover when a person finds that your website is down, she is highly unlikely to try again, given that there are thousands of other sites which are selling the same thing as you. So, the losses keep mounting and this is why you may consider clustered hosting as a possible solution.

There are many web hosting companies which will offer you 99.9% uptime, but have you ever wondered why they cannot guarantee you 100%? This is because, servers can and will go down occasionally, and even the best web host cannot guarantee perpetual uptime. Hosts are well aware of this and so, they have devised clustered hosting as a possible alternative to single-server hosting.

The problem with traditional hosting is that all the elements of your website are managed by one server. So, it has to handle website control panels, email servers and also file transfer protocol. This is obviously quite taxing for the server, which has to handle not only your website but hundreds of others as well. Moreover, when there is traffic surge, or a huge increase in the number of people trying to access websites on a server, there is an even greater load on it. This is why you find that your website is unavailable sometimes.

Clustered hosting aims to put this issue to bed. The burden of running several websites is spread across several servers. It works in the same way as, the multiple engines on a commercial plane. If one fails the others do the job and complete the journey safely. So, even if your website runs a heavy database, it can work smoothly and not affect the working of other sites being managed by the same host. High end websites can often hamper the running of other websites, in conventional single server setups.

One more way in which clustered hosting helps is your website is by handling traffic spikes smoothly. When a large amount of available bandwidth is used up due to the number of simultaneous hits on your website, it can easily go down, but clustered hosting ensures that nothing like this happens. So, you can be sure that even when you are running a once in a lifetime sale, the website will be running smoothly!

Website maintenance also becomes less intrusive when a clustered hosting system is being used. This is because; it is no longer necessary to take the site offline for upgrades and rebooting. Your site remains online on a server, while the maintenance jobs are rolled out across other servers.

If you are looking for a new web host or perhaps are looking to switch web hosts, maybe you can go for a company which offers clustered hosting. This is a really smart hosting solution and surely worth a try!

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