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Reseller Hosting – For Resellers or Webmasters?

March 26th, 2012 @ 5:39 pm

When internet marketing beginners first start to look around for a good hosting plan, chances are that they see someone offering reseller hosting. This can be a tad confusing for some because reseller plans enable users to sell hosting slots on their plan to clients, hence the name reseller. Because of this functionality, some assume that reseller hosting is meant only for users who intend on opening up a hosting service of their own, but this assumption is far from the truth and can lead to some bad decisions when it comes to choosing a host. Let’s take a look at reseller hosting and its various uses so you can determine if it’s the best choice for you.

Reseller hosting for resellers

Selling slots on your reseller plan to clients can be quite lucrative, but you need to know what people are looking for in a host and your presentation need to make your business seem very professional and trustworthy- no one wants hosting from a fly-by-night operation.

Reseller hosting allows you to completely customize the hosting plans that you want to sell- you can edit everything from prices to features. Your clients will have an experience very similar to that of any regular hosting provider, you can have them billed automatically and they will be able to access their H-sphere control panel- You will even be able to privately brand everything so that your clients don’t suspect you are reselling server space instead of offering your own.

This can be a great business plan for those willing to make a commitment to becoming a hosting reseller, but it’s not something that can be taken lightly or put on autopilot- Being a reseller requires lots of attention and some technical skills, not to mention the time you’ll be spending interacting with clients. The good news is that if you give it a shot and it isn’t for you, you can still use your reseller account to host your own websites.

Reseller hosting is a great idea for freelance web designers and programmers because it allows you to offer your client your own hosting service instead of referring them to another provider, which means you make residual income as you do work for more clients and before you know it you’re getting a respectable amount of monthly rebills.

Reseller hosting for webmasters

So why would a webmaster who doesn’t intend on reselling hosting slots choose a reseller plan instead of a VPS, shared, or dedicated server plan? The answer is that it’s one of the most cost-effective hosting plans considering the amount of resources and features you get, and it’s just as easy to host your own websites with a reseller account as it is with shared hosting as opposed to jumping through the technical hoops of running a dedicated server.

Reseller plans are also scalable and can be upgraded easily to accommodate more sites and traffic so you don’t have to worry about the headaches of transferring hosts if you need more resources. The features can also be quite helpful- the ability to create accounts and roles means that each of your sites can get its own H-Sphere control panel so you have more control of their settings.

Reseller hosting is a good idea whether you plan on becoming a reseller or not for a variety of reasons, it has the functionality and resources to handle almost anyone’s hosting needs for a very affordable price.

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Private Label Reseller Hosting; Establish Credibility

December 22nd, 2011 @ 8:12 am

There are likely as many reasons to become a reseller as there are resellers. One of these reasons that is not often mentioned is when search engine optimization (SEO) or website design companies themselves offer private label hosting as a part of their services. While many of these companies already use affiliate links to refer their clients to hosting plans, there are three primary reasons why they should think about moving beyond an affiliate relationship and offer private label reseller hosting themselves. This advice applies to all types of plans whether they be VPS hosting, shared hosting, Windows hosting, or Linux hosting.

The first reason is that when an SEO or web design company shows the client that they have in-house hosting it can give that client an impression that the company they are trusting with their online presence is well established and a full service firm. This can go a long way in establishing credibility as well as setting your company apart from the competition. Especially when it is explained to the client that there are SEO and site delivery/uptime advantages of high end hosting. The client should also understand that simply being 1 of 3000 others on a shared server at the other hosting company, where they never know if they are in a “bad neighborhood”, is not good business and in fact can harm their site delivery and SEO efforts.

The second reason is that using Royalty Networks reseller hosting you are not only able to provide the client with servers that are far from overloaded, you can also know personally that you’re giving that client the best possible web presence and not having them hindered by unresponsive and overburdened servers at other web hosts. Imagine working day and night for a client at your best SEO and design efforts only to have the web host IP neighborhood or response times harming the best possible search engine position. This is not good for the client or for you.

The final reason to consider becoming a reseller, as an SEO or web design company, is that the reseller hosting account allows you to add an additional income stream and payment that you can invoice to your client. Beyond the single affiliate link payment, using reseller hosting the extra income can become substantial when spread across multiple clients adding to your overall profitability as a firm.

Becoming a reseller as an SEO or web design firm is simply smart business. It increases your credibility, your brand, and your profits. At the same time, when partnering with Royalty Networks, it will give your client access to a high end host that will benefit their SEO efforts and overall customer experience. The proposition is win-win and should be considered by any company offering SEO or web design services. The process is simple and with Royalty Networks dual-platform H-sphere reseller hosting plans you can offer either a Linux hosting or Windows hosting under a private label platform that is simple and easy to manage.

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Windows Resellers Now Available

April 1st, 2006 @ 9:00 am

Windows support has been added to all our reseller plans at no extra charge. New and existing customers will have the ability to resell both Linux and Windows services under a single control panel.

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Royalty Hosting Introduces Reseller Plans

January 7th, 2006 @ 9:00 am

Royalty Hosting is proud to introduce brand new reseller plans. These private label plans, utilizing the power of H-Sphere, come bundled with many add-ons: a Free Help Desk, Billing System, Web Site Builder and much more!

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